Sunday, February 21, 2010

Weekend love!

We had a great weekend! Brian and I packed up our wonderful pooches and headed to Houston for the weekend. My dear friend, Amber, is expecting a little girl in March so we went to her baby shower on Saturday. It was Co-ed but it was definitely an estrogen fest... as B would say. He look as though he was in a torture chamber the entire time. He was a trooper though! It was pretty funny when we were playing the games. Brian acted as if we were speaking a foreign language. They brought a tray around with various baby items for us to see and then we had to write down everything we saw on the tray. B and I were on the same team and the moment we had to write everything down, he goes ummm yeah i dont even know what that stuff was! I know there was a diaper and a chew thing on it! haha!
We also got to see our wonderful friends! We got to see Kristina and her ever growing belly!! We cant wait to meet baby Mackynzie Lyla! It seems like all of our friends are expecting! God is truly wonderful!
We also hung out with Britt and her main squeeze, Randall. We had an absolute blast kicking their butt at the Newlywed Game... haha! I guess B and I have 3 years on them, so I'll let it slide this once! lol! We can't wait for them to come to SA!!!
My Mom was wonderful as always! She is like Betty Crocker meets My Big Fat Greek Wedding. She loves to feed you! You say you're not hungry, she'll say "okay, Ill make you something!" We got up this morning to the biggest "brunch" I have ever seen! She made scrambled eggs, biscuits and gravy, smoked sausage with bell peppers, sukiyaki beef, and fresh fruit!!! All that food for 3 people! haha! She is truly amazing and we love her dearly!
My sister was busy baby shopping with Kristina all weekend! They are doing the baby's room in Plum, Lavender and white! It's gorgeous!
All in all, it was an amazing weekend! Now we are back in San Antonio ready for another work week and then our wonderful friends, Travis and Steph, are coming from Dallas to visit! YAY! I haven't seen them since last summer and Brian just briefly saw them when he drove through Dallas on his way to SA from NY! We can't wait to spend an entire weekend with them! Hope everyone had a blessed weekend!! xoxo

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