Monday, February 22, 2010

Top 2 Tuesdays!

Top 2 Tuesdays!!
Top 2- Favorite TV shows

1. Grey's Anatomy! Omgoshh, i could watch this show day and night! I am truly obsessed! I wasn't too sure how I was going to like it with all the new mercy west people coming in and then with George dying and Izzy leaving... i really thought Greys was going to be a bust! Luckily, it's still fantastic as ever!!!!

2. Call me silly, but i absolutely loove 19 Kids and counting! They are truly amazing individuals
who live by the word of God. I personally could never have that many children, but they are truly a remarkable family. They are now dealing with their youngest being in the NICU and all the struggles that go along with that. My bestfriend delivered her daughter 3 months early last August. Alyssa Marie was the most beautiful little girl and she went to be with Jesus after 11 days here on earth. I have seen how hard it can be for a family having a baby in the NICU and I really commend the Duggar's for staying true to their Faith and not turning away from God during such a hardship. God Bless little Josie

Other top contenders:

Private Practice

One Tree Hill

Secret life of an American Teen

The little couple

... and pretty much anything on TLC and Discovery Health =)


  1. I love 19 kids and counting too.

  2. Yay thanks for linking up Stacy!!! A ton of people picked 19 kids and counting...Im going to dvr that!

  3. Hi! New follower to your blog. I love love love 19 kids and IM so glad so many other people do too. My boyfriend doesnt understand it haha!

  4. I love the Duggars and Secret Life too :)