Tuesday, February 16, 2010

My Bestfriend, My Love, My Valentine!

Valentine's Day was absolutely wonderful!! I woke up to Brian cooking me breakfast and being the sweetheart he always is! I was in the bathroom getting ready when Brian started yelling saying there was a MOUSE stuck under the dryer! I started FREAKING out screaming- especially the thought of a mouse in the house... ahhh!! Well I went into the laundry room and Brian kept saying dont you hear it... his butt is like sticking out of the side! I was so scared I couldn't even look! He kept insisting I look on the side of the dryer... so after about 10 minutes of trying to convince me, I finally gave in and looked! There was a BIG box and a card on it!! I didn't even see it! I was still trying to find the darn mouse! haha! Finally Brian was like did you even see it?! lol
He finally just said LOOK! It was a new BIGGER Crockpot! The one Ive been wanting forever now... Mine is just too small for when I cook for a party! =) I was so happy and he was like well do you want to go out to dinner or something. I kept saying, "Lets just stay in and ill cook so we can avoid the crowds." He then said, "Well how about going around 3ish so we avoid lunch and dinner crowds.... wanna go to Olive Garden or something?" I wasn't going to pass up Olive Garden Salad so I, of course, said yes! lol
Right before we left, Brian said "Hey lets go to this steak house Will was talking about." Not a huge fan of steak, I was a little skeptical... but being valentine's day I say okay because I know Brian Loves Steak. The whole way there he was acting like he was lost and calling Will and getting mad for not giving him the right directions. Before I know it, we make an abrupt turn into a parking lot and he parks. I was like umm what are we doing? He was like do you know where we are? I looked around and we were at THE MELTING POT! I was like BABy we cant go here it's Valentines day... we have to have reservations. He goes "Baby, we do! Ive had this planned for weeks now!!!" I almost fell over!!
We go into the restaurant and Brian had them put Red roses on the table for me. The dinner was amazing. We had jumbo shrimp cocktail for our first course. Then a tomato-Basil Cheddar cheese fondue that we dipped bread, veggies, and apples in for our 2nd course. An amazing greek salad for our 3rd course. Lobster, filet mignon, chicken, pork, tuna, steak, and dumplins that we cooked in front of us in a Caribbean- Citrus Base Broth for our 4th course.... and last BUT NOT LEAST.... a white Chocolate fondue with a hint of Strawberry that we dipped fresh strawberries, pound cake, brownies, bananas, rice treats, and cheese cake in... OH MY GOSH, SOOOO GOOD!!!!!! My mouth is watering just thinking about it!!!!

Brian is truly amazing! He is my bestfriend, my love, and MY MOST WONDERFUL VALENTINE!!!!!

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  1. Aww so cute. I miss you mucho, Stacy! Hopefully I'll be able to plan a trip to SA and see you. Also know you always have a place to stay if you ever want to come to Georgia.