Wednesday, February 10, 2010

About Me

About Me

My faith is my number one. Jesus is truly my bestfriend and I talk to him daily. My friends and family are my backbone.

Love: my dogs, helping others, being positive, learning anything new, my wonderful boyfriend, sunny days, dancing, church

Dislikes: Negativity, bad language, crazy drivers

*The One and Only*

How we met
Brian was serving in the Navy and was stationed in Guam. His next duty station was going to be in San Antonio. A mutual friend of ours gave him my email to help him find a place to live in Texas. We started exchanging emails in February 2006. We developed a very good "pen pal" type of friendship for about 6 months. He finally moved to San Antonio in August of 2006. We instantly bonded and have been together ever since. :)


Our Furry 4-legged Children

aka "Dex-Dex"

3 year old Min-Pin, who is too smart for his own good.
He gets in trouble daily and is very head strong.... just like his daddy! haha!

aka "Kodi-bear" "Ko-Ko"

2 year old Bichon-Poodle, who just loves to be loved.
He is our "good" child. He just wants to make us happy 24-7!

"Our Family"

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