Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Quick Catch Up!

Lets rewind a moment to catch everyone up...
Brian and I lived in San Antonio for 3 years while he was in the Navy and I was finishing school. Brian's enlistment was up in September 2009 and if he didn't get a job offer he was going to move back to NY, his hometown where he grew up, and finish his bachelors degree. I, not wanting to be left in San Antonio, applied to nursing school in NY. Luckily I GOT IN! So we packed everything up, including our pampered pooches, and moved north. The drive was 32 hours and it was ROUGH! We had a 26ft uhaul with a 10 ft trailer towing Brian's jeep... slightly resembled a massive 18 wheeler... and I drove behind him in my car with the doggies.
We got to NY the end of Aug and we settled in our 2 bedroom apt. The dogs loved it, especially Kodi. He was sick of the Texas heat! It was so nice being so close to Brian's family, away from city life, and around the most beautiful landscapes- especially in fall. Well, December rolls around and Brian receives a phone call from Fort Leonard Wood about a job offer. (Note: Ft wood is where my bf and her husband are stationed) I was thrilled to think he might get a job in Missouri, well come to find out it was in SAN ANTONIO!!! Go figure! This job was just too good for him to turn down, so we loaded all of our stuff up and drove the 30+ hr trip again back down to Tx. So, here we are in San Antonio living life to the fullest. We miss his family and our friends dearly back in NY, but it was a fantastic opportunity that Brian had.
Brian is loving his job. He is working for the Army at Lackland AFB training individuals how to be military K9 handlers. I am updating my pre-reqs for Nursing school so I can start a nursing program down here.
It's great being close to my family and our Texas friends again. It seems like we are busy almost every weekend trying to catch up with everyone, even though we were only gone for 6 months. hehe. We are so very blessed to have such supportive and loving people in our lives, from NY and TX. When we arrived back down to TX, there were so many people that showed up to help us unload the uhaul. It seemed like everytime I turned around there was a new face. Lets put it this way, I lost count after 20. They had the entire uhaul unloaded withing 45 mins!! It took almost 2 days to load it!!!! We are so grateful for everyone in our lives. I truly believe we won the lottery with our wonderful friends and amazing families that have supported us and our crazy decisions.... including driving 30 hrs to and from NY!! =)

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