Sunday, May 16, 2010

April Showers, Bring May Flowers

Our new place has an amazing patio/Terrace you walk through before you get into our apt. Well it has been plain jane boring since we've moved in. Well B and i thought it's about time we plant some flowers and just "spruce" it up a bit! We finally bought a new patio set, and it definitely made it look "somewhat" better out there.... but it just didn't "POP" like i wanted it. So, B and i went to the nursery to buy flowers and plants. The only problem... our patio does not get ANY direct sunlight. We face North and the sun just goes over us.... so that presented a tad bit of a problem when it came to our selection of plants and flowers. It was so frustrating because all the pretty flowering plants need SUN... Ha go figure! Well after much contemplation, we settled on geraniums, impatiens, caladiums, and ferns.
We bought all the pots, dirt, watering cans, plant food, the whole shabam... well silly me, forgot that our railings are a little odd and the hanging planters would not fit. darn! Thankfully, Brian is mr handy man and figured out how to make it work! (After an entire container of zip ties later...)
The plants are planted, the flowers are watered, we have our patio set in place... BUT it just didn't seem complete to me! Well I love to shop and I found the little something "extra" our patio needed... I wasnt too sure how B would react with my little "completion" items, but I bought them anyways! So here is our Patio now... I am in LOVE with it now!! Impatiens

Fern Caladiums

^--My little "Stacy-Touch!" hehe...
and B actually loved the animal print too!
yay! I think it totally just made our patio!! love it!


  1. Very pretty! I love the chairs and pillows :)

  2. It looks awesome.! I love what you did.! (: