Monday, July 26, 2010

decisions, decisions, decisions...

Well it looks like i fell through with my promise on keeping my blog updated... it looks as though another month and half have past without me blogging! My goodness, time flies when you're busy. Let me catch you up on a couple of things...
As many of you already know, Brain and I moved back down to Texas in January after living in NY for 6 months because of a job in San Antonio. We were excited for the opportunity and we were happy to see our old friends. This job presented many opportunities. It was however a temporary government position at Lackland AFB. We knew it wasnt permanent but knew more opportunities would arise from it. His contract was with the army for 1 yr 1day... this would put us at Feb 2011, and the job could possibly extend. Well last week the army called in the 16 guys that were under contract and told them that not only was the army not extending their contract past Feb, but they were getting laid off in Sept 2010 due to lack of funding on the governments behave. So needless to say, it's been a whirlwind of emotion. I think we were both in shock to think in 2 months Brian would be jobless. We were thinking how were we going to pay for our house, cars, food, etc... it's a scary feeling not knowing. Brain immediately started looking for jobs... he thought about possibly doing private contracting and go to Iraq or Afghanistan. He also thought about moving back to NY.... well God was on our side and an amazing job opportunity presented itself for a position in North Carolina. Yes, i know this means completely uprooting our life and moving yet again (this will be 3 times in less than a year.) Sometimes in life you have to take chances, and with the economy the way it is, we have to take this chance. Well there is a small detail that goes along with the job, but we aren't for sure about it yet. We have to iron everything out first before we are willing to share it with everyone. All i know and pray is that God guides and protects us on this journey. I hope this new job is as great as ever. I hope the area is beautiful and the people are amazing. I just want to be settled already and not moving every 6 months.
With this move, I would have to uproot everything I have in San Antonio as well. I would have to leave my job, my school, my friends, and most of all my family in houston. I know I will be able to find a new job and school but it's hard losing the friends and family that have been through so much with us. It's just so bittersweet. We are exciting and are embracing the new journey we will be embarking on but not without sadness. Just keep us in your prayers that everything works out the way it's supposed to.
There are lots of decisions that must be made and must be made fast.... I will keep yall updated. We should know exact dates hopefully within the week, along with all the details.

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  1. It's only been a couple of weeks since our journey began but we are so over the moon excited! I just wanted to drop in and invite you along for the ride - either you're a follower of my OTHER blog or just a sweet person I'd love to come along!

    Hopefully, the secrecy won't last long...

    Much love, luck, and blessings!!

    The *Maybe* Baby Mama