Sunday, May 16, 2010

New toys and a whole month has passed!

So, it's Mid-may and I haven't written in over a month! I know crazy, right?! Well, B and I have just been busy busy busy. Work is going great. Brian just got a new truck. Crazy to think he actually parted with his beloved yellow jeep wrangler, but he DID! The jeep just wasnt practical, nor was it comfortable to ride in. He got a 2010 Black F150 Raptor. I even love it! I still haven't mastered driving it yet, but it will come one day! lol. Brian also recently purchased his first gun. ahh. Let's just say, I am still not fond of having a weapon in our house, but I trust all the training B has and I just hope the gun stays in it's little plasic box unless it's at the range. hehe.

The boys are doing great! Sad that we are constantly working, but they have adjusted well! We took them to play in the blue bonnetts and they had a ball! Here is a pic of them!

Hope everyone has had an amazing month! I promise to try and keep our blog more updated!! :)


  1. girl Im right there with you on the guns! Ben has like 17 but thankfully they are ALWAYS in the big safes if they arent at the range haha! I love your patio!!!!!

  2. Aw thanks taylor!! haha and yeah i know what you mean about the guns... B already is talking about his next gun he is going to get. I was like seriously? How many guns do u need??? lol!